Exporter R International,Inc. of new cars, used cars, parts, and forklifts of Japan

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Our Service
Our Service

The process of export from Japan is really not all that diffficult. Once you have your first order on it's way to you, we are sure that you will be relieved of how easy it can be.

Contact Details

R International, Inc.
1-1-31 Tsurumachi, Taisho-ku,
Osaka City, 551-0023 JAPAN
email : info@r-international.jp
Tel : 81-66555-8032
Fax : 81-66555-8033

Where do we start?

1. The first step is your request to us, please feel free to contact us by email, fax or phone, letting us know your desired order and any specs and details that will be needed to source exactly what you are looking for.

2. After having tracked down our sources here in Japan (when needed, most of the time our sources are already decided). We negotiate with you how buyable your order is for the price you want to pay.

3.Once we have an agreement we will require a deposit from you, usually to the value of 50% of your total order.

4. We make the purchase on your behalf.

5. Arrange the shipping, and or load the containers ourselves to your specification.

6. We then require a final balance settlement.

7. After which we surrender all shipping documents ready for you to pick up the order at your local port.

Other Details

We are able to arrange either an FOB or CIF service depending upon your needs. All funds are acceped by bank telegraphic transfer only. If you have any more questions then please email us.

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