Exporter R International,Inc. of new cars, used cars, parts, and forklifts of Japan

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Our Service
Our Service

We specialize in new parts and used parts, ranging from genuine parts coming from major manufactuers to after-market and custom parts. we can supply...

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R International, Inc.
1-1-31 Tsurumachi, Taisho-ku,
Osaka City, 551-0023 JAPAN
email : info@r-international.jp
Tel : 81-66555-8032
Fax : 81-66555-8033

What Parts?

Engines, transmissions, front-cuts, front clip, turbo-chargers, suspension systems, engine parts, alloy wheels, carbon parts, body kits, electrical parts, body panels and almost any automobile parts that is available here in Japan. We can supply to any country.

We mostly source our parts directly from their respective manufactures (OEM, aftermarket, or specialty), and also have direct links with wholesalers from whom we can purchase new and used parts from in bulk at competitive prices.


We usually ship parts by container which we hand load ourselves at our loading facility in Osaka Japan. We can also supply you in small quantities using either air freight or mixed container shipping.

We offer extremely competitive rates for the whole process, and we guarantee you a very honest service.

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