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Japanese Used Cars

Our Service
Our Service

We also ship second hand cars that are used for parts. Accident/Recycle grade cars are popular to strip for parts and can be purchased at very low prices for this use, often making it an extremely economical option to stock parts for a particular model.

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R International, Inc.
1-1-31 Tsurumachi, Taisho-ku,
Osaka City, 551-0023 JAPAN
email : info@r-international.jp
Tel : 81-66555-8032
Fax : 81-66555-8033

What Cars?

We purchase the majority of our used vehicles at major Japanese auto auctions. We will listen to your needs and specifications in the effort to supply you with the vehicles that you need.

We can supply you with all models, specs, and years that are available here in Japan. We have excellent relationships with local dealers to buy second hand cars at great prices. We feel that Japanís used cars are a good deal compared to the world market. However true bargain cars are few in numbers and are subject to availability.

Bulk Rates

Of course we can offer you better rates when buying in bulk.


We also send second hand cars that are for the use of parts. It is popular for accident history cars purchased at very low prices to be used this way, often making it an extermily economical way to collect a stock of parts for a particular model.


We offer both roll-on roll-off service and our own hand loaded container shipping service. However available shipping method will depend on your destination port, and the quantity you buy.

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